Maybe you didn’t know, but the study of titles is an essential component of real estate investments. This type of operation involves a large number of paperwork and documents to ensure that they are legitimate.

Specifically, if you want to buy or sell property in Florida, you must meet certain requirements. These are the most important:

  • Passport and visa.
  • Proof of income.
  • Financial guarantee of an accountant.
  • Bank and credit references.
  • Proof of payment of services and taxes.

However, in a real estate operation, in addition to gathering the documentation, it is important to carry out a study of property titles . This consists of analyzing the legal situation to make sure that everything is in order, from the legal point of view. This analysis offers important benefits to the parties involved.

Advantages of the study of titles

Currently, the real estate sector in Florida is experiencing rapid growth. Above all, by foreign investors who are interested in buying and selling real estate in the main cities of the region.

Why is it important to carry out a title study before acquiring a property in the area?:

Know the state of the property

With this procedure you can corroborate that the property is legally available for sale. That is, it is not in succession, seized, alienated or in the process of judicialization.

In this way, the real estate operation is accelerated because it avoids stopping the procedures for paper issues. Thus, you can verify in advance that everything is in order to make the sale of the property effective.

Ensuring its legitimacy

This analysis allows to check the validity of the deeds of the house. As well as, if the person who sells it is indeed the owner. In addition, it helps to verify that the property does not present unresolved situations that could lead to problems in the future. This way, you will avoid risking a scam.

In some cases it is possible to make amendments to the documents to correct the inconveniences that have arisen.

Verify that you do not have indebtedness

Another crucial issue in real estate investments is to check that the properties do not have mortgages or other debts. For example, unpaid taxes or outstanding credits.

In fact, it could happen that a property is expropriated as a result of accumulated debts. Therefore, it is important to verify that you are not affected by this type of obligation.

The process to complete this study can take between 14 days and 2 months (Portal Innova, 2021).

These are the steps that must usually be followed to carry out the process:

Investigate the property

Keep in mind that a title study can only be conducted by an attorney. The most convenient thing is to hire the services of a title company that has a team of professionals to carry out the process. They will review in detail all the documents and records of the property you are interested in.

Know the geographical limits

As part of the analysis, it is essential to study the urban property where the land or property is located. This involves reviewing the regulatory drawings to check:

  • Total extension of the property and property limits.
  • General conditions of habitability of the property or real estate complex.
  • Restricted or risky areas that affect the terrain.
  • Housing projects that are allowed.
  • Issues of roads and urban infrastructure in the surroundings.

Issue title insurance

Once you have the study of titles in hand, it is advisable to take out insurance that protects you against unforeseen events and irregular situations. Present it, together with the contract of sale, to cover any legal inconvenience associated with the operation.

This is a good strategy to avoid real estate fraud, both in projects in development and in finished homes. Some of the problems you can avoid are:

  • Cover used properties without a building permit or extension.
  • Cover properties without proof of habitability.
  • Urban conflicts that may affect the property in some way.
  • In buildings under construction, ensure that they meet all architectural and urban requirements.

Thinking of buying property in South Florida? Whether it is a second home, or as an investment, do not forget to carry out the title study. To do this, hire the services of a reliable company that provides you with the necessary advice throughout the process.


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